The Obligatory First Post

Last Day in Sydney (July 2008; Nikon FE2; 35mm/f2)

The first post is always the hardest. An offshoot from my regular blog, this journal intends to chronicle the weird/strange/beautiful/amazing/breathtaking/etcetera stuff on the internet that either interests or inspires (or both) me.

I won’t try to describe who I am or what I’m like – I have enough trouble finding that out for myself, really. Words and tags and descriptors are all too convenient boxes that we use to try and make sense of who someone really is. We can never truly know someone inside and out, in spite of our best efforts, assumptions, presumptions or predications. All we can really do is to make do, and try to understand.

So anyway. Let’s go.

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One response to “The Obligatory First Post

  1. Jay

    Sydney has green skies? Those wankers think they can distract people form the fact they hire urban planners on crack.

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