Louise Ebel & Internet Pandoras


Far from being the cheese-eating surrender monkeys as Ennis loves to call them, the French also churn out some of the most beautiful ordinary people on this earth.

Already gaining traction in blogdom/blogosphere/whatchamacallit as a bona fide star whose celebrity was gleaned purely from the endless fields of the internet, Louise Ebel is merely, like many of her fellow teenagers, a nineteen-year-old Sorbonne art history major from who writes about her school work and well, posts up photos of herself.


Or not?

Ebel’s already been featured in a litany of fashion blogs like Face Hunter, the Street Walker, Altamira NYC and the Sartorialist, among several others, and for reasons that can clearly be seen – perhaps that insouciant French aloofness, or those Sound of Music braids, or the huge geek glasses, or the searing fashion savvy with disarming panache – ah, you know what, I don’t really care.

I’m just contenting myself with looking at the amazing way she’s captured on camera. Just beautiful.


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