Come As You Are: U Magazine

u_magnovember 2008: fourth anniversary issue

U Magazine has been around for years apparently, and I’ve just only found out about it. While the glaring truth about my parallel existence as a mountain tortoise (Hokkien malapropism/metaphor derived from a Chinese proverb) stares at me in the face, it still simply means more back issue awesomeness to catch up on.

At first glance and cursory research, it’s a webzine that Frankensteins contributions from various people, photographers and designers, all supervised into its grungy, indie beauty by resident mad scientist Romeuuu.

This shot by Jaime Rodriguez (photograher) for Te Amo (clothing; ‘I love you’ in Spanish) of Dani Shivers (model) got me from the start. Sadly, and quite infuriatingly, my Google skills meant nothing in trying to find out more about any of these individuals. While I could have done without the huge bold sans serif fonts which really ruin rather than add anything to the shot, it still possessed enough raw beauty enough to seize my eye.

Kudos, U Mag. You’ve won yourself a new fan.



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2 responses to “Come As You Are: U Magazine

  1. hmster

    photographer name is wrong
    jaime martinez ;)

  2. hamster

    ..and you can watch the full photoshoot here, without the huge bold sans serif fonts

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