Chictopia And Fashion Dystopia

Lady M of The Ladies Affair introduced me to Chictopia, a fashion-inspired social network where beautiful people show off their superior fashion sense, indulge in and perpetuate self-narcissistic voyeurism and basically are the product of a cyclic, consumerist hyperculture whose sole motivation is money, which is what really turns the cog of its elaborate economic machine. Fashion, along with pop music, are tools that the shadow rulers of the world employ to keep the masses docile and well, stupid.

Just kidding.

Some of the photos are really well-taken, and some of the clothes are quite a visual treat. Definitely a leap up from the oft-claws-out delusions-of-grandeur stuff you find in local fashion LJ community runwaycity. Plus my idea of great fashion is pairing a t-shirt with my favourite band’s name on it with well-worn Levi’s, so why would anyone take my snide comments seriously? Heh.

New fashion for mimes

Shoegaze photos: plenty in Chictopia

Gamine cut, bunny teeth, shiny pants and legs that go on forever: oddly alluring

If it were winter, this would be the perfect shot and album cover for Bon Iver’s For Emma

this dude here reminded me of Hans!

chictopia6I love broad-brimmed hats. Just give it a pointy tip and the lady a +5 Armageddon Staff Of Munchkin Power!

Not all Filipinos are maids, apparently.

Fashion ninja with the high collar!

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  1. m.

    what a visual treat! :)

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