Hellblazer #1

The original John Constantine: a blonde, blue-eyed Brit, not that American imposter you saw in the film. The laughing magician who walks the dark alleys of a sinister London that stalks beneath the glitz, glamour and well, the posh birds.

Created by Alan Moore (who wrote The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V For Vendetta, Watchmen and From Hell, to name a few) and subsequently written by a host of the best comics writers in the business today (GARTH ENNIS!!, Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman, Mike Carey, Brian Azzarrello and Grant Morrison), Hellblazer is also the longest running Vertigo (think DC’s adult-themed line of comics) comic today (at last count, two hundred forty six issues so far).

So I’m re-reading this set of comics that was published more than twenty years ago. It’s been years since I first flipped the pages, but you know what? It’s still bloody magic.

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