casual poet vs Hasisi Park: Don’t make me hit the ground


Don’t make me hit the ground is a summary of Hasisi Park’s photography works from the past two years in Seoul and London.

These selective works particularly represent her general point of view towards herself and the relationships, which is sad yet intimate and sometimes absurd yet poetic. <Don’t make me hit the ground> tells that being insecure and vulnerable is hard enough to just laugh and make a joke about our future and live our lives, although that’s what everyone does and so get more sensitive and have a crooked mind.

We struggle. We struggle and that’s why it’s sad but honest and beautiful. This is for the people who say ‘you don’t have to make me hit the ground anymore’ every moment of their lives. //

Hasisi Park’s photography turns the definition of what makes a visually appealing photo on its head. She is sex and danger and defiance and mad beauty all rolled into one, closing the gap between subject and viewer in one furious flying-kick of a leap.





with a bittersweet story behind this photo



Her work is not really my kind of thing, but it’s hard not to ignore its ability to draw you in with a mix of morbid fascination and a guilty sort of bashful voyeurism. And it’s pretty interesting how people are getting so excited like she’s the next big thing or something.

But I think one thing is true: we are all captivated by beauty, mystery and daring, as well as the things we don’t really fully understand.

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