Wall E Bento: Deelish!

wallebentoby Anna the Red via Flickr

R brought my attention to this too-cute-to-eat bento version of Wall-E: fully edible, comprising egg sheets, konnyaku, cheese, meatballs and with EVA carved out of quail eggs.

Anna the Red’s bento blog is a must visit, with more of her extraordinarily intricate creations inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli, combined with equally detailed steps on how you can fix up something similar for the kids.

What’s next, then? Frank Castle made out of black beans or seaweed over rice, with his death’s head symbol cut out of Kraft cheese or handmade fishcake from the local wet market? Spider-Man moulded from rice balls with tomato skin as his costume and webbing from strips of seaweed?



kaonashibentoAnd my favourite from Spirited Away: Kaonashi!


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2 responses to “Wall E Bento: Deelish!

  1. yunz

    Aahhh. Katamari!!! Cute!!! My fave game. :)

  2. The Spirited Away Bento looks great but, taste-wise however I’m not so sure…

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