Anthony Bourdain Loves Singapore Shark’s Head


BR brought to my attention this old article (2 years ago, in fact) in the New York Times that Anthony Bourdain wrote when he went foodhunting with KF Seetoh, or perhaps more well known as the Makansutra man, in the streets of Singapore.

Focusing their attentions on hawker stalls and the grimy-floored food centres that seem more than adept at making your eating experience as hot and sweat-drenchingly unpleasant as possible in our tropical humidity, now I feel like trying out the shark’s head at Tian Jin Hai Seafood, which is now located at Punggol Marina Country Club (no longer at Jackson Centre.)

“Ten years ago the chef-proprietor of Tian Jin Hai had made a remarkable discovery. “Every day he goes to the fish market. And every day he sees shark,” Seetoh said. “For the Chinese, shark is very popular. But where are the heads? So he asks them: ‘You sell fins. You sell the meat. You sell the eggs. Where are the heads?”’ This simple question led, as so often happens in the annals of gastronomy, to discovery: that the typically discarded head of the reef shark, when steamed with ginger, red pepper and garlic and served with soy sauce and spring onions, is in fact a divine mosaic of tender, subtly flavored fat, skin and cartilage. Since introduced at Tian Jin Hai, what was once considered trash has become a rare treat.”

I’m sold!

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