KIOSK NY: Gems From Around The World


KIOSK is a shop in SoHo filled with lovely little things carefully curated from all around the world. Just think: a place constantly reinventing itself, that embraces change and reimagination, an aesthetic that amalgamates shifting cultures, different flavours, inviting you to try and peg it into neat and finely divided groups and categories and know that it will not be easy.

KIOSK has garden tools, kitchenware, stationery from Germany, notebooks from Japan, American lottery tickets and reindeer hide from Sweden, 信箱 from Hong Kong; a continually changing catalogue that stands by a simple credo that says, “Hey, even the simple, everyday stuff can be beautiful, too”.

I think KIOSK would delight wanderlusting travellers or those who yearn after the simple design aesthetic. A personal favourite of mine has to be the deceivingly simple-looking yet intricately-crafted Black Cross Skateboard.


kiosk4by Andy Beach of REFERENCE LIBRARY

kiosk01shop display: boxing styrofoam

kiosk02shop display: postcards and photographs

kiosk3german chalk

kiosk2lj peretti’s ebony tobacco: custom

kiosk1arizona’s finest sweet & spicy cactus candy! (that’s a mouthful)

kioskgift set #1 for Christmas

kiosk03custom tape

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