Warren Ellis: Stealing Your Internets

via Dharbin

For those who don’t know, Warren Ellis is probably the most well-known figure in comics on the Internet. I know that’s marrying chocolate and peanut butter, but let’s face it: chocolate and peanut butter are delicious. An enormously prolific writer, Mr. Ellis also somehow finds time to be extraordinarily active on various message boards, discussion threads, and his own network of sites, Often imitated, never duplicated: Warren Ellis is as close to an iconoclast as you’re liable to get these days, at least in comic book circles.

APOLOGY: This comic will make no sense to most people unfamiliar with Mr. Ellis’ work and persona, as well as to many people who are quite familiar with both.”

Warren Ellis is in your computer, stealing your internets. I always knew it. Now his evil scheme has been exposed.

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