The Bloop: Cthulhu or Leviathan?

bloopspecSpectogram of the Bloop

When you live on the internet as much as I do, you’re bound to find something disturbing and morbidly fascinating: this time it’s The Bloop, an ultra-low frequency sound detected several times in 1997. What’s interesting is that it was of sufficient amplitude to be heard over 5,000km away, which means, in an entirely terrifying way, that there is no known animal on earth that could have made such a sound.

It would have to be larger than a blue whale, the largest known animal on earth.

This brings to mind Leviathan, the epic-level monstrous creature described in Job 41.

Damn Interesting has a pretty good write-up on The Bloop if you want to know more and are thinking twice of going scuba diving.

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