Photobooth Love

06/17/2007, by revivify;
part of her set three dollar love affair (thanks to Yosh)

Photobooths. Ah. All the more beloved for their absence in Singapore, we island-dwellers can only gaze in envy at these quirky little projects. What we have instead are crappy purikura machines that overload on the kitschy cuteness, and the photobooths we do have only allow us to take one photo. is attempting to document as many locations of photobooths as possible, though the list is comprehensive only for most of America.

In one of their recent articles, they wrote about Ira and Martin, based in Moscow, who rescued and restored an old M-22 machine:

“After a phase of disenchantment, we did some more desperate calls in Moscow, and it showed out that one – the last – M-22 had escaped the massacre by miracle, and was standing in the rain in the courtyard of a former soviet ball-bearing plant – some 2000 meters from our own house. We acquired it for a modest amount of money.

Inside was a mayhem: flash generator and capacitors were stolen, as well as nearly all plugs, switches and other somehow vendible equipment, most of the cable harnesses were dumbly cut through. The mechanics (transmission, spider, paper transport, even camera) though were intact. Then followed three months of work in the evenings in a rusty soviet garage.

We got a flash from an operator in europe, rebuilt all the rest ourselves, including wiring, money accepting system, outside decoration etc. etc.”

The booth now resides at the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center. And of course, no entry about photobooths can be complete without a showing of Jay Leno’s Photobooth madness: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

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