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Look Out! Here Comes The Spider-Man

spideyPhoto via roadragebunny

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can… Thai firefighter Somchai Yoosabai rescues a boy while dressed as our friendly neighbourhood wallcrawler:

“I told him Spiderman is here to save you. No monster will hurt you now,” Somchai said. “Then I told him to walk slowly toward me. I was very nervous that he might have slipped if he got too excited and ran.”

Read the full report here (thanks Roy for the heads up).


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iPod: Steampunk


Steam Gear Lab‘s custom mod of a iPod Nano (1st Gen) is a steampunk monstrosity that is pretty cool, actually.

Hail the Eye-Pod Victrola that has “broken the chains of small electronics obsolescence”, that can be worn via its leather wrist cuff, or its victrola docking station.

All functionality of the iPod remain intact an a hidden USB cord retracts from the base to either a wall charger or your computer. There are hidden pressure plates that when touched send a strobing “static charge” into the quartz crystals on either side of the magnified veiwing portal.

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The Bright Lights Of Jaime Martinez






more here.

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March 9: The Week In Images

love is in the air

by *zara

another jump!

the words cannot find you

Lomo 02▸09

we hold the future

Life is Beautiful

by Soda O


288/365 think happy stuff

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I Want Patrick Ng’s Pivi MP-300

piviphotojournaling with the Pivi

Patrick Ng’s Scription is one of the best sites around for photography/travel/moleskine/stationery lovers.

And here he again tempts me to separate me from my money: the Fujifilm Pivi MP-300, which is (helpfully, for me at least) only available on eBay or in Japan.

I love the immediacy of being able to print out digital shots from my 5DMKII and update my travel journals on the go, so I have to say that I want to get my hands on that gadget real quick..

pivi2Pivi photos and Delfonics photo albums

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Emma Cherry


Currently in love with Emma Cherry‘s photography – the desaturated, vintage-y colours and the dreamy composition. Think Fleet Foxes crossed with Helios, open skies, flowers and rolling plains of green grass.




self-portrait (a pretty one, ain’t she)


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Matt Harding: Globetrotter-Hero

matthardingwhere the hell is Matt?

Matt Harding is the dancing roly-poly man in the Visa ads you currently see playing in local cinemas. He is a man all of us wanderlust-stricken people love to hate. And in his 2008 video, he’s been to 42 countries and danced with a cast of thousands.

With a couple of entries on Singapore in his blog, his observations on our fine city are pretty sharp:

This city works as long as everyone keeps buying. We can all be happy and prosperous, we can get everything we want, just keep the money churning.

It doesn’t work as well in America. The drug of free market capitalism is tainted by creeping ennui — a jaded insight obtainable only by those who’ve never been poor. Most of us don’t believe that cell phones will make us happy. And because we don’t believe, we’re right. It’s just like any religion.

But these folks dive in with aplomb, keenly aware of the dreary alternative to their retro-
futuristic enclave. They’re safe, they’re comfortable, and they’re appreciative. So they line up when Nokia releases the world’s first combination cell phone and flashlight. It’s their civic duty.

And this was in 2003. Nothing much has changed, really. And which pretty much explains the predicted GDP contraction for the next few years.

Three years later, during a layover in Changi Airpot, Matt writes:

I’m struck with a small epiphany. The distinction between Singapore and its airport is a minor one. The entire country feels like one very large departure lounge; spotlessly clean, no distinct smells, climate-controlled, no one is poor, lots of shopping, no real culture, pleasant enough for the moment, but not a place you want to stay very long.

I love my country, but is it any wonder that so many of us want to leave?

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