Andrea Joseph’s Sketches


in my mind i still need a place to go

I realise updates here have been pretty slow. But it’s not like I have enough of a readership yet for my posting-lethargy to be noticed, so.. I’ll just imagine that anything in shoot or die is read more than one person other than the occasional google-searcher that trips over a rock and finds himself here.

I’ve looking at a lot of stuff on the internets (which is all we ever do, anyway) and moleskine sketches have been an obsession of mine of late. Like musical talent, artists fascinate me with their ability to create, well, art. I suspect I’ll never be able to understand the way their minds work in such a way to be able to wring out such glorious images on paper or canvas. I’d love to see what they see in their heads when they string a harmony of lines into something beautiful.

Andrea Joseph, a tea-drinking Brit, is one of my favourites.

aj2exercise book

aj1dawn gives me a shadow i know to be taller

leaning tower of cat bowls

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