Dangeruss Vexels


Nissan GT-R

Ah, all this vexel art by Dangeruss brings back fond memories of watching Initial D (please excuse the live-action version) and imagining we were drift kings while playing the arcade simulators.

And what is a ‘vexel’? As Dangeruss writes:

“Vexel” is a term that’s been coined to describe the fusion of Vector and Pixel forms of illustration. Vexels are not Vector – scalable – mathematically derived images based on paths and fills as one would produce in Illustrator or CorelDRAW or perhaps Flash. Nor are they pure painted images as one might create in Photoshop or Painter.

My Vexels include elements from 4 disciplines: Digital photography, Vector path definition, Digital Painting and 3D modeling.

A typical Vexel starts with a high resolution digital photo. Most often, in my case, of a car. I’ll analyze the photo and determine what elements I want to add, modify or enhance. I typically begin by defining Photoshop vector paths that provide the basis for the line art that I use to add a stylized “toon” look to the finished piece. These paths are stroked with Photoshop paintbrushes of various widths.

Body paint, headlights and other details are systematically added using vector based paths that I use as selection sets for painting those elements. Doing the body color highlights, shadows and reflections plus the various details like intercoolers, lights, grills interior details typically requires 120 layers or so – and not a few hours of patient work.”

I remember sitting in the driver’s seat of a souped-up Subaru STI once. It was a terrifying kind of exhiliration, with the engine’s low-growling like a beast waiting to be unleashed. Sheer power that could be let loose with a mere tap of your foot.

I hit 100km/h while only in second gear. And in that moment where the acceleration-force pins you back in your seat, I finally understood why boys love cars.

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