Sony Vaio P-Series: Fits In Your Pocket. Really?

sonyv1distracting you with cute Japanese girls

Sony’s Vaio P-Series notebook, which is marketed as being able to “fit in a pocket”, is being mocked for stretching the truth a wee bit more than common sense would accept, judging by this email that’s been making its rounds on the internet (thanks to Roy again for this — always bringing a laugh during dreary work days).

Sony seems to have failed to point out the obvious: that two-thirds of the notebook juts out of your pocket, and that any movement above the intensity of standing around in tight low-slung jeans will probably send your new gadget clattering into the floor, making you the proud owner of a thousand dollars’ worth of scrap metal and plastic.

So by this same feat of stupendous logic, this means we can christen any of our hardware as being able to “fit in a pocket”, like this IBM Thinkpad:

Macbook users aren’t left out as well:

Heck, why not a desktop too?

These advertising people must really think we’re idiots.

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