And, spring


And, spring: stationery from Korea that are way too cool for me. Add in film-esque photography, wooden tables and minimalist aesthetic by way of indie-inspirations and no-frills MUJI and you’ve got me craving this stuff. Clean-pressed grey shirts with short sleeves or sleeves rolled up, or wrinkly ones in neat, grid-like plaids, messenger bags, notebooks tucked into back pockets.. forget Parisian chic or polished oxfords strolling down the streets of Milan, give me unfinished concrete, roads with loose gravel, coffeeshops manned by wizened grandfathers who followed his father who followed his and sipping dark, rich coffee in cheap ceramic cups and saucers, anytime.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time and left by the wayside for reasons of, I don’t know, memory (forgotten) and the relentless passage of time (excuses).

Local cafe/shop casualpoet carries and, spring, while sojourners to Seoul can visit their store spring come, rain fall at the following address: 35-11 Tongui-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea (email:; tel: 82-2-3210-1555/6 fax: 82-2-3210-1557). Take me with you.








spring come, rain fall by O-Check Design Graphics:



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