YouTube Champloo: Kutiman’s ThruYOU


Kutiman, alias of Israeli creative genius Ophir Kutiel, released the link to ThruYOU in March 2009 to twenty friends and in less than a week, garnered over a million hits to his mindblowing work. And all this done virally, all with zero marketing dollars spent.

From Scott Hill in WIRED:

The videos Kutiman used to create ThruYou are mostly low-budget recordings of amateur musicians playing at home or taking music lessons. Kutiman cut the performances together so that the musicians appear to be playing together in real time –- with truly astonishing results.

Kutiman compiles multiple video reels within a single frame, accentuating a particular lick, riff or vocal pattern being performed. Taken together, it’s beautiful, body-rocking music.

Just as sample-based hip-hop by innovators like De La Soul, The Bomb Squad and DJ Shadow changed the sound and style of pop culture back in the ’80s and ’90s, the work of Kutiman and other video remixers are doing the same for the YouTube age.

And what wonderful music it is.


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