Superheroes: Batman vs Superman

Superman vs Batman – Part 1

Came across this set of cartoons by College Humor, which should be even more hilarious for the comic geeks. Parodying Nolan’s rendition of ol’ Bats and taking on the whole ‘Superman vs Batman – who’d win?’ thing on a whole new, albeit ridiculous, level.

“Ooooo. Wait. Quick quiz. You guys can or cannot breathe in outer space?”

“It’s time for Gotham.. to get the hero it needs. Not the hero it thinks it deserves, but the hero that it thinks that w-we think it needs to deserve.. because uh.. it is time to deserve a hero and think.. for Gotham. Rrraarrgghhhh!!!! … Dark knight.”

Batman Meets The Justice League – Part 2

More hilarity as the JLA comprising Wonder Woman, Flash and Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern show up in the sequel to the first clip.

“Your bat power is a.. rope?”

“Bullets. Wasn’t that what killed your parents? Well, my parents died because the planet blew up. Got to put that whole bullet thing into perspective, huh. Yeah.. hmmmm. Deep.”

“You and me, man, we’re done. Professionally.”

Batman & Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

And here’s an old favourite.

“Are you speaking bat? Is that what bat sounds like? You are not speaking anything that a human being can understand!”

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One response to “Superheroes: Batman vs Superman

  1. mvblair

    Batman has tools. He’s much cooler than Superman. Could Superman beat him up? Yeah, sure. But Batman has that great, depressed, urban image that hits the spot for the 13-24 year-old demographic.

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