Photojojo: Seatbelt Camera Straps

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More wonderfully unnecessary things you can get for your camera without actually improving the way you shoot: camera straps recycled from seatbelts.

What better way to tote your precious camera cargo than with a retired lifesaving device? These handmade camera straps come straight from the benches of wreck yard automobiles!

It’s time you gave your camera the haltering strength it deserves, and the super funky style it’s been silently hoping for. Be the first person on your block to start wearing a seat belt around your neck!

Trust us, this is a good thing.

Each strappy runs a comfortable 2″ wide and has two sturdy slide buckles. The buckles’ rounded edges prevent scratches whilst giving you maximum adjustability. Fun, yet practical. Neat.

Choose from six colors: Burgundy, Teal, White, Red, Lime, and Silver

Now you have to look just as good behind your camera as the person you’re shooting. I doubt I’d ever pay for something like this, but at least this shows that some ingenuity can go a long way. And people might even end up giving you money for it.

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