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Lego Ceramics

Vinicius Zarpelon’s Lego Ceramics. If only we could buy them.


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rockstar by soon lee


We love shoes. And we love casual footwear of the plimsole or sneaker variety. There’s simply something liberating and magical about throwing on a favourite dress and sneakers for your weekend adventures. Pretty and ready for anything. After all, there are places to go and things to see.

And we found the idea wrapped around our heads obstinately. Because sometimes we envy the boys and their sneaker wonderlands – they step into a shop and it’s filled with canvas and rubber that they might like.

We’d like that too, we find our inner voice saying. But we want it different. There’d be casual footwear and there’d be pretty clothes to match them with. There’d be books, magazines and our favourite music. Knickknacks to fiddle with, people to observe and things to discover. A place our canvas-shod selves would be glad to hang around in every weekend.

And then we wondered, why not?

– the proprietors @ rockstar

Sharon & Wei Loong of Haji Lane cult fave soon lee have expanded their burgeoning fashion empire with rockstar, located at the 3rd floor in Cineleisure. I was asked by Sharon to take photos of their new store before it opened earlier this month, but due to some unexpected scheduling difficulties I wasn’t able to. Not that I would’ve made that much of a difference — I think these photos she posted look more than gorgeous enough!

I haven’t been to the store yet — which I attribute to my aversion of crowds and Orchard Road in general — but I do think the concept is a breath of fresh air. Forget gladiator sandals that look like Russell Crowe’s hand-me-downs, the Louboutins or the Jimmy Choos, or the ungainly wedge (I have a preternatural bias against them — do not attempt to dissuade me of my opinion. You will fail); sneakers are sexy. Give me a socially responsible TOMS-wearing girl, anytime.

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iPod: Steampunk


Steam Gear Lab‘s custom mod of a iPod Nano (1st Gen) is a steampunk monstrosity that is pretty cool, actually.

Hail the Eye-Pod Victrola that has “broken the chains of small electronics obsolescence”, that can be worn via its leather wrist cuff, or its victrola docking station.

All functionality of the iPod remain intact an a hidden USB cord retracts from the base to either a wall charger or your computer. There are hidden pressure plates that when touched send a strobing “static charge” into the quartz crystals on either side of the magnified veiwing portal.

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I Want Patrick Ng’s Pivi MP-300

piviphotojournaling with the Pivi

Patrick Ng’s Scription is one of the best sites around for photography/travel/moleskine/stationery lovers.

And here he again tempts me to separate me from my money: the Fujifilm Pivi MP-300, which is (helpfully, for me at least) only available on eBay or in Japan.

I love the immediacy of being able to print out digital shots from my 5DMKII and update my travel journals on the go, so I have to say that I want to get my hands on that gadget real quick..

pivi2Pivi photos and Delfonics photo albums

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KIOSK NY: Gems From Around The World


KIOSK is a shop in SoHo filled with lovely little things carefully curated from all around the world. Just think: a place constantly reinventing itself, that embraces change and reimagination, an aesthetic that amalgamates shifting cultures, different flavours, inviting you to try and peg it into neat and finely divided groups and categories and know that it will not be easy.

KIOSK has garden tools, kitchenware, stationery from Germany, notebooks from Japan, American lottery tickets and reindeer hide from Sweden, 信箱 from Hong Kong; a continually changing catalogue that stands by a simple credo that says, “Hey, even the simple, everyday stuff can be beautiful, too”.

I think KIOSK would delight wanderlusting travellers or those who yearn after the simple design aesthetic. A personal favourite of mine has to be the deceivingly simple-looking yet intricately-crafted Black Cross Skateboard.


kiosk4by Andy Beach of REFERENCE LIBRARY

kiosk01shop display: boxing styrofoam

kiosk02shop display: postcards and photographs

kiosk3german chalk

kiosk2lj peretti’s ebony tobacco: custom

kiosk1arizona’s finest sweet & spicy cactus candy! (that’s a mouthful)

kioskgift set #1 for Christmas

kiosk03custom tape

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Church Architects Got It Right

via Steffen M. Boelaars

I was looking through LifeHacker‘s older stuff when I came across this. Now I know why Y loves high ceilings.  New research indicates that people respond more creatively to high ceilings with its allusion to freedom and open spaces, allowing their thoughts move in more abstract ways, while the opposite is true as well: confined spaces cause people to focus more on specifics and details.

Get me under open skies, any time ;)

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Cleaning Windows


via Yanko Design

Couldn’t help but think of Dennis when I saw this sleek and magicked air purifier. Named ‘Window’, because, well, it actually looks like one, the screen turns dark if the air quality in the room begins turning nasty. Slide it open and it’ll start its invisible awesome cleaning process, making the air safe for super-sensitive noses and the people who think life will become infinitely more miserable to the point of it not being worth living, without a gadget like this.

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