Garth Ennis On 2000AD


Finally, there’s the best bit of all, to me the greatest moment in comics history: part 22 of The Apocalypse War. Having fought a losing battle against the invaders, seen half of Mega-City One destroyed, massacred collaborators and euthanised the critically wounded, Dredd has led an elite team of Judges into an East-Meg missile silo. Following one of the best action sequences I’ve ever read in a comic, the Judges find themselves unable to gain access to the operations room, until Dredd simply bangs on the door with his pistol and shoots the curious halfwit who opens it point-blank. Our boys storm the ops room and seal the door. Anderson, the telepath (and only volunteer in the Apocalypse Squad- no peacenik cosmic wandering in those days) pulls the launch codes out of the silo commander’s mind. The nukes are targeted on East-Meg One. “Please, Dredd”, begs the commander, “There are half a billion people in my city–half a billion human beings! You can’t just wipe them out with the push of a button!” And Dredd doesn’t hesitate, not even for a second.

“Can’t I?”

He can and he does. I still think about that today; what it meant about the character, and about the comic I was reading (aged 12). Even now I don’t know if Dredd was right or if he was wrong. It was the only way to win, to avoid the further slaughter and enslavement of his own people–but it was genocide. It was moral courage on an almost unimaginable level–but it was appalling. In the end, it was a dilemma not unlike those faced by a number of good and bad men in our own history, and if I had to sum it up in one line, I’d say this: what are you prepared to do when there isn’t any easy way out?

And that, I think, is why I’ve never been able to care about Batman, or Wolverine, or Iron Man… or any of them, really. Not because of what characters like that would or wouldn’t do, but because their publishers would never have the courage to have them written into such a situation.

– Garth Ennis, from Bleeding Cool.

When your fave writer speaks, you listen. It’s stuff to think about — and to remember — that you write what you know, or what you know to be true to the characters you write about. It may a bit cliche to talk about it like that, but sometimes we forget that we can’t pander to political correctness for the sake of sacrificing authenticity; if we do so we forsake any form of credibility or respect as a writer. Might as well just go ahead and become an ST journalist.

Keep it real, friends.


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Marvel Anime: Iron Man & Wolverine


From Warren Ellis:

This is the test animation for the IRON MAN anime series I’m writing, produced for the south east Asian market. Note test animation: it’s intended to show off the style of the piece only. Nothing in here reflects the actual content, just the design and the aesthetic and the animation. The only character in this piece that is in the actual series is Iron Man himself, okay?

Marvel Anime is a collaboration with Madhouse (Trigun, Chobits, Claymore) and written by Warren Ellis.

Watch the Marvel Anime Iron Man teaser trailer here. It’s pretty sweet, but the Japanese are the originals at mecha-lovin’, so the old tin can gets the treatment he deserves.

There’s another one for Wolverine, but I’m not a fan of his mullet and the fighting style is way off base; I’m still interested in seeing how it develops, though. Ah well, the writing should be good enough, I suppose.



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I <3 You Online


Quirky and catchy little ditty by Rocky and Balls about virtual love on Facebook.

Watch I Heart You Online here.

“I want to be in your profile picture
I want to be a permanent fixture
On your wall
You’re so beautiful

I want to be in your profile status
Feature in the place where you update us
Maybe then I’ll have you in mine
I heart you online

I can see from your information
You like japanese animation
And stir-fry
Well so do I

I’ve read the books that you love reading
I must say you’re quite appealing
Maybe you could poke me some time!
I heart you online”

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Free Bohemia Love


I want that van

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My Michael Jackson Tribute


This was the trio’s favourite game when we were young. Dennis got scammed and paid $80 for this at a certain shop in Parkway Parade that exists to this day.

Nevertheless, we played it to death, and I loved it. Catch a shooting star and turn into a robot. Hold A and you could throw the hat. If you held on long enough, he’d go into the dance, causing all the enemies to break out together in dance with him. And they would die. Sounds morbid enough reading it like this, but heck, it was fun as hell.

‘Smooth Criminal’ remains a firm favourite of mine because of this game.

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Vintage Goodness: Olympus 4/3 Camera


I have to admit – the sleek boxy design and vintage throwbacks of the announced Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera is delicious.

As in DPreview:

The Micro Four Thirds System enables users to enjoy the same high image quality of the Four Thirds System’s 4/3-type image sensor in a much more compact body, and also take advantage of significantly more compact lenses, particularly in the wide-angle and high-power zoom range. The Four Thirds System offers the benefits of compact, lightweight performance, and the new Micro Four Thirds System takes this still further to enable development of ultra-compact interchangeable lens type digital camera systems unlike anything seen before. The new Micro Four Thirds System also incorporates a greater number of lens-mount electrical contacts for the support of new features and expanded system functionality in the future.

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Fables #77: Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser


Catching up on my Fables reading, when I came across the lawyer-friendly appearance of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. I have to admit geeking out when I discovered it.

If you haven’t been reading Bill Willingham’s Fables and gawking at James Jean’s cover art, start already. Even if you aren’t a fan of comic books. Yes, it’s that good.

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