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Looking at this makes me wonder if I can do the same thing.. won’t the fish have to be really tiny?


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Free Bohemia Love


I want that van

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Dulce Pinzon’s Ordinary Heroes

dulce2BERNABE MENDEZ from the state of Guerrero works as a professional window cleaner in New York. He sends 500 dollars a month.

Superheroes by Dulce Pinzon:

The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed.   It is common for a Mexican worker in New York to work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for very low wages which are saved at great cost and sacrifice and sent to families and communities in Mexico who rely on them to survive.

The Mexican economy has quietly become dependent on the money sent from workers in the US.  Conversely, the US economy has quietly become dependent on the labor of Mexican immigrants.  Along with the depth of their sacrifice, it is the quietness of this dependence which makes Mexican immigrant workers a subject of interest.

The principal objective of this series is to pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper.

As The Thing: LUIS HERNANDEZ from the State of Veracruz works in demolition in New York. He sends 200 dollars a week.

As The Hulk: PAULINO CARDOZO from the state of Guerrero works in a greengrocer loading trucks. He sends 300 dollars a week.

As Aquaman: JUVENTINO ROSAS from the state of Mexico works in a fish market in New York.
He sends 400 dollars a week.

As Robin: ERNESTO MENDEZ from Mexico City works as a gigolo in Times Square New York.
He sends 200 dollars a week.

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The Bright Lights Of Jaime Martinez






more here.

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I Want Patrick Ng’s Pivi MP-300

piviphotojournaling with the Pivi

Patrick Ng’s Scription is one of the best sites around for photography/travel/moleskine/stationery lovers.

And here he again tempts me to separate me from my money: the Fujifilm Pivi MP-300, which is (helpfully, for me at least) only available on eBay or in Japan.

I love the immediacy of being able to print out digital shots from my 5DMKII and update my travel journals on the go, so I have to say that I want to get my hands on that gadget real quick..

pivi2Pivi photos and Delfonics photo albums

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Emma Cherry


Currently in love with Emma Cherry‘s photography – the desaturated, vintage-y colours and the dreamy composition. Think Fleet Foxes crossed with Helios, open skies, flowers and rolling plains of green grass.




self-portrait (a pretty one, ain’t she)


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UNIQLO: Tadanobu Asano vs Chloe Sevigny


For UNIQLO‘s Spring 2008 collection: Tadanobu Asano and Chloe Sevigny.









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