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Archaeologists of the Impossible: Planetary


Finally, Planetary #27 is out in October. Planetary is a comic unlike most: it’s about explorers and adventures and the secret mysteries of the world. It’s about the drawing a common thread linking pulp fiction, comics, novels and the fantastical, larger than life characters in their pages and fuelling them with imagination and the sense of wonder we increasingly seem to lack.

These stories draw you right in. They breathe something marvellous in you — and you can’t help but be taken up along with it.

Check out the preview pages here.


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Marvel Anime: Iron Man & Wolverine


From Warren Ellis:

This is the test animation for the IRON MAN anime series I’m writing, produced for the south east Asian market. Note test animation: it’s intended to show off the style of the piece only. Nothing in here reflects the actual content, just the design and the aesthetic and the animation. The only character in this piece that is in the actual series is Iron Man himself, okay?

Marvel Anime is a collaboration with Madhouse (Trigun, Chobits, Claymore) and written by Warren Ellis.

Watch the Marvel Anime Iron Man teaser trailer here. It’s pretty sweet, but the Japanese are the originals at mecha-lovin’, so the old tin can gets the treatment he deserves.

There’s another one for Wolverine, but I’m not a fan of his mullet and the fighting style is way off base; I’m still interested in seeing how it develops, though. Ah well, the writing should be good enough, I suppose.



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More Ellis: Captain Swing

captainswingvia Warren Ellis

Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island, with art by Raulo Caseres.

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Warren Ellis’ SUPERGOD

via Warren Ellis

Ellis tempts us with forthcoming superheroes born out of science fiction concepts and make art and music:

And it’s one of the odder things I’ve written, I think. Someone made the mistake of asking me for another superhero-mode comic, and I suspect maybe since I returned to that subgenre something important in my brain developed moss on it or something. Here’s a piece of my notes on the book, for a sequence in issue #2:

China began designing their own superhuman soon after, but didn’t have the tech for Megareactor Buddha’s Spine until 1990. Nominally, PRC is atheist, but the old religions never went away, and a surprising number of Chinese state scientists still think in terms of qi. The superhuman Maitreya was a subject enveloped by scanning tunnelling microscopes wired into his visual cortex, forced to meditate upon his own atomic structure until he could perceive the quantum foam of every particle of his being birthing and annihilating under the uncertainty principle. His emergence into superhumanity was heralded by the impossible light of zero point energy accessed from the spaces between virtual particles. The Chinese filled a warehouse with political prisoners and told Maitreya to kill them, to demonstrate his power over spacetime and matter. He instead fashioned them into a vast musical instrument of entrancingly beautiful tone. Then configured all the assembled soldiers and scientists into a self-supporting worm-like structure and fired them into space with/through the musical instrument, where they journeyed as a biological probe of brains linked in parallel that reported information about the solar system back to Maitreya via quantum entanglement until the structure, starting to break up, was identified as comet Shoemaker-Levy and eventually smacked into the surface of Jupiter.

So if we were to write something about Singapore — a superhero graphic novel, no less — what could we write about? Genetic experiments and cloning vats in the bowels of Jurong Island? Underground bunkers filled with mind-control equipment? PSLE scores and answers are actually a secret code that installs subliminal messages into your brain, latching onto neuron pathways, ensuring civic behaviour such as do not chew gum or don’t complain so much?

Ah, the possibilities..

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The Magic


“Someone once asked me if there was such a thing as magic.

Only if you want there to be.

Only if you want it.”

– Hellblazer #141, by Warren Ellis & Tim Bradstreet

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Warren Ellis: Stealing Your Internets

via Dharbin

For those who don’t know, Warren Ellis is probably the most well-known figure in comics on the Internet. I know that’s marrying chocolate and peanut butter, but let’s face it: chocolate and peanut butter are delicious. An enormously prolific writer, Mr. Ellis also somehow finds time to be extraordinarily active on various message boards, discussion threads, and his own network of sites, Often imitated, never duplicated: Warren Ellis is as close to an iconoclast as you’re liable to get these days, at least in comic book circles.

APOLOGY: This comic will make no sense to most people unfamiliar with Mr. Ellis’ work and persona, as well as to many people who are quite familiar with both.”

Warren Ellis is in your computer, stealing your internets. I always knew it. Now his evil scheme has been exposed.

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Warren Ellis’s Ignition City

via that evil bastard/genius Ellis, by Gianluca Pagliarani

“And I’m watching DEADWOOD, the American cable tv series that eviscerates the Western genre, mixing history with fiction in its imagining of the last days of the Wild West. And it suddenly occurs to me. Where did the space heroes go when they weren’t in space anymore? I found myself looking at the clapboard and pine of the Deadwood camp and seeing it made out of bits of abandoned 1930s sci-fi rocketship, and a fifty-year-old Flash Gordon calling people ‘c*cks*cker’.” Read the rest here.

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