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The Magic


“Someone once asked me if there was such a thing as magic.

Only if you want there to be.

Only if you want it.”

– Hellblazer #141, by Warren Ellis & Tim Bradstreet


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Not Really


Been trawling through FFFFOUND, everyone’s favourite image bookmarking site, (trying) to get ideas for Christmas. Which also kinda explains the lack of enthusiastic posting the last few days.

It wasn’t so long ago that the finance industry was the place to work in. Now with the global economic recession/depression/full-scale anarchy already beginning its ominous steps to reducing our way to life to post-war conditions, people might prefer choosing something else for a career then?

But there’s no need to worry. Know what you love doing, do it, and you will always be rich.

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Warren Ellis: Stealing Your Internets

via Dharbin

For those who don’t know, Warren Ellis is probably the most well-known figure in comics on the Internet. I know that’s marrying chocolate and peanut butter, but let’s face it: chocolate and peanut butter are delicious. An enormously prolific writer, Mr. Ellis also somehow finds time to be extraordinarily active on various message boards, discussion threads, and his own network of sites, Often imitated, never duplicated: Warren Ellis is as close to an iconoclast as you’re liable to get these days, at least in comic book circles.

APOLOGY: This comic will make no sense to most people unfamiliar with Mr. Ellis’ work and persona, as well as to many people who are quite familiar with both.”

Warren Ellis is in your computer, stealing your internets. I always knew it. Now his evil scheme has been exposed.

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There Is No Charge For Awesomeness


Next time when I have a pet, I am going to do the exact same thing in my neighbourhood.

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Warren Ellis’s Ignition City

via that evil bastard/genius Ellis, by Gianluca Pagliarani

“And I’m watching DEADWOOD, the American cable tv series that eviscerates the Western genre, mixing history with fiction in its imagining of the last days of the Wild West. And it suddenly occurs to me. Where did the space heroes go when they weren’t in space anymore? I found myself looking at the clapboard and pine of the Deadwood camp and seeing it made out of bits of abandoned 1930s sci-fi rocketship, and a fifty-year-old Flash Gordon calling people ‘c*cks*cker’.” Read the rest here.

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I Need A Healing Factor


Nothing to post today as I convalesce from a particularly stubbon sore throat and blocked nose, which I might add, makes me slur my words (which are already projected in a nasal whine) and sound like I’d been hit in the head too hard.

It might actually be funny, if I wasn’t the one actually experiencing it..

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The Original King Of Foxes

Hellblazer#97, written by Paul Jenkins, cover by Sean Phillips.

Great story, great cover. John Constantine – the original.

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